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          Nossa história inicia-se more than 45 years ago, in March 1977, when we started to work in the rental business. We learned, invested, evolved and also implemented a  sale of equipment, computers, notebooks, printers, servers, peripherals, in addition to the development of projects and all technical and IT support.   

          Numa atitude até então pioneira , we implement the microcomputer rental service, providing our customers with a dynamic and practical system for obtaining and using computer products in the most diverse areas.


          Com o tempo implementamos _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_new IT Management services comprising products such as computers, notebooks, servers, network assets, printing, firewall, UTM, Secure Mail Gateway, Web Gateway, Anti-Spam, VPN, allocation of professionals , Complete IT management. 


 Today we offer solutions in  Information Technology and Information Security services. It always aims at the need and availability of infrastructure (IaaS) for our customers from (desktops, servers, notebooks, switches, routers, cabling, etc.), user service through Service Desk, IT/IS Consulting and perimeter security products. .


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          Privilegiamos o trabalho e a innovation so that we are always able to meet your needs with complete and efficient solutions for the market.

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