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THEAUDIToffers the most complete IT infrastructure solution to its Customers, having as main objective in this segment the activities of designing, installing and providing solutions in the most diverse existing technology parks.
This department has a technical team trained in several platforms, with hundreds of applications and tools, to service its servers.
Solutions to the operating systems used by the client;
Implementation and customization of security policies;
Customize the technological environment within the needs;
Documentation of processes and procedures;
Contingency plans;
Record occurrences that allow analysis for performance optimization;
Customer support for a consistent IT “Investment Policy”, with cost reduction;
Server consolidation, seeking to reduce costs, facilitate management, increase reliability and build an agile infrastructure;
Creation and updating of a Knowledge Base, with procedures performed on problems already solved, aiming to solve calls more quickly and efficiently, ensuring a shorter solution time;
Aiming to establish with the client the best solution in cabling, AUDITEM comes, through technical visits and with its own work methodology, to prepare an execution project, presenting and discussing the solutions internally in critical analysis meetings, before submitting the work plan. technician to the Customer's approval.
We are always updating our technicians in the latest technology on the market, ensuring your investment and the certification of our work.
Cabeamento Estruturado
AUDITEM offers the most complete solutions  in Informatics to its customers, having as main objective in this segment the activities of designing, installing and providing solutions_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_in the most diverse existing technology parks.
Our technical team is able to provide solutions  for computers and peripherals (printers, monitors, scanners, etc.) quickly and efficiently.
Services Performed:
Corrective and preventive solutions for computers, printers and monitors;
Computer Formatting;
Computer Upgrade and Optimization;
Inventory software and hardware;
Solutions in the configuration of printers, scanners, etc;
Perform preventive maintenance of equipment;
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